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What's Included

14 oz Temperature-Controlled, Self-Heating Mug

The Nextmug is beautifully crafted with a stylish, ceramic matte finish over a stainless-steel body. The simple controls are all conveniently located on the mug; no App required.

Docking Coaster

The Docking Coaster charges the lithium-ion battery in the Nextmug to keep beverages at the ideal temperature for hours. The mug can also be left on the Docking Coaster to keep beverages at your preferred temperature indefinitely.

Spill-Resistent Lid

The Spill-resistant Lid helps to keep hot liquids in the mug and maintains your beverage at the ideal temperature for longer periods of time.

Easy as 1-2-3

The Nextmug is incredibly easy to use. Simply...


Charge the mug


Push the Control Button on the mug to select your preferred temperature


Enjoy your favorite beverage at the perfect temperature
...right to the last sip

And speaking of simple... even though the Nextmug is very smart, there's no setting up an App on your phone or computer. No passwords, no-rebooting, and no security concerns. You'll be using your Nextmug within a minute of taking it out of the box, and it takes only seconds to set the Nextmug to your perfect temperature every time you use it.

Enjoy Your Hot Beverage...
Always At The Perfect Temperature

We've studied the habits of coffee and tea drinkers around the world and the perfect temperature to drink coffee or tea is -- just the way you like it! Studies on drinking warm beverages suggest most people like their drink to be between 130 degrees and 150 degrees.

So…you'll find these three settings:

  • Warm (130 degrees)
  • Hot (140 degrees)
  • Piping (150 degrees)

3 Ways To Use Your Nextmug


Keep the Nextmug on its Docking Coaster to maintain beverages at the ideal temperature for as long as you like. This works great at your desk or next to your favorite chair.


Take the Nextmug off its Docking Coaster to enjoy it anywhere -- througout your home or office, on the back deck, or almost anywhere. The battery in the mug will maintain your beverage at your preferred temperature for up to 2 hours.


Use the included Spill-resistant Lid. Some people use the lid to help prevent spills and to make sipping easy. The lid also helps maintain the ideal temperature in your mug for 3+ hours when off the Docking Coaster.

Any way you use the Nextmug, you'll appreciate the Auto Shut Off function. The Nextmug will automatically stop heating after 2 hours of inactivity (with liquid present) or within 10 seconds (when the Nextmug is empty).

Click here to find out more about the Nextmug's ability to hold temperature. 

Smart Mug Technology

1. Mug

The Nextmug's patented design is as stylish as it is ergonomic and functional. The mug's ceramic matte finish (available in multiple colors) beautifully covers the durable stainless-steel core of the mug. The ergonomically designed handle is easy to lift and hold. The mug's weight is perfectly balanced and the rounded body can be held comfortably in your hands -- always warm but never hot to the touch.

2. Battery

The long-lasting, lithium-ion battery ensures your beverage is always the perfect temperature. The battery is fully encased inside the mug and the entire mug rests on the Docking Coaster while charging. The battery is rated to be fully charged 1,000 times, after which it still maintains 80% you'll enjoy your Nextmug for years to come.

3. Smart Technology

The brains of the mug are in the circuit board. It automatically shuts the mug off when no liquid is present or after 2 hours without use. It controls the temperature by providing feedback on actual vs selected temperature and adjusting the temperature accordingly. The circuit board also manages battery levels and the battery life indicator on the mug pulses red when there is less than 10% charge. The mug's temperature settings are controlled by a single, easy-to-use Control Button on the mug. No App required!

4. Control Panel

LED lighting on the mug indicates the temperature setting you've selected and the current temperature of the beverage in the mug as it heats, cools, or holds to that setting. There's also an indicator of the mug's remaining battery life between charges.

5. Docking Coaster

The Docking Coaster has a sleek design, comes with a 5 foot cord that plugs directly into any standard outlet, and securely holds the Nextmug while charging. A full charge of the battery will take approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. You may purchase additional Docking Coasters and place them in all the locations where you enjoy your hot drinks.

6. Spill-resistant Lid (Optional)

Your Nextmug includes a Spill-resistant Lid that fits snugly into your mug. Use of the lid not only minimizes the problems caused by unexpected spills; it will also extend the life of the battery and allow your beverages to stay warmer for longer periods of time between charges.